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Here are some of the most famous Indian entertainment channels

The TV industry has grown over the past few decades in India. The new channels have attracted a lot of people to their TV sets. Here is a list of the most famous Indian entertainment channels.

Star Plus


This channel is part of the STAR TV network. This channel usually telecasts telefilms and family dramas. When it started its journey in 1992, it showed international programs from the U.S., Australia and U.K. From the year 2000; the channel became very successful with its telefilms.

Sony Entertainment Television


Sony Pictures Television owns this channel. There are nine versions of this channel. The programs of this channel target families. There are drama serials, reality shows, comedy shows, horror, and thriller TV series, dance programs, singing contests, fashion shows, movies, and much more.

Zee TV


Zee Entertainment Enterprises is the owner of this channel. It broadcasts programs in Hindi and other regional languages. The channel was launched in 1992 and is the first Hindi satellite channel.

Sab TV


Multi Screen Media Pvt. Ltd., a Mumbai-based company, owns this channel. It started its journey in 2000. In 2003, it changed its focus to comedy-based programs. In 2005, it was acquired by Sony Entertainment Television. They now concentrate on broadcasting youth-centric programs. In 2008, it again started showed comedy-centric programs.

Sahara One


Sahara India Pariwar is the owner of this channel. It began airing in 2000. It is a general entertainment channel showing all kinds of programs for audiences of all ages.

These channels are very popular in India. Some of these are popular for its family drama serials, and some of the reality shows. There will be more entertainment channels in India in future to meet the huge audience demand.

The three most beautiful places in India

India is very rich in history and culture. There are very few countries in the world with such geographical diversity. It has huge international tourism appeal. Here are the three most beautiful places in India that you must visit.


Agra is the most visited city because of Taj Mahal. It is one of the Seven Wonders of the World. It has white marble domes, and there is an epic love story behind it. You will be stunned by the view of this beautiful symbol of love. Agra has other attractions as well, like the Agra Fort, Fatehpur Sikri, Sikandra fort, etc.


It is known as the paradise on earth. Its main attraction is its natural beauty, the green valleys, Alpine valleys, waterfalls, flower gardens and snow clad peaks. You will enjoy the boat rid on the beautiful Dal Lake. Gulmarg, Sonmarg, Srinagar, Pahalgam and Pari Mahal are some of the places you must visit.


Kerala is famous for its backwaters and waterfalls. You will love the hill stations and the serene environment. The backwaters consist of a chain of lakes and lagoons which lies near the Arabian Sea. You can go on a cruise on the houseboats and be mesmerized by the surrounding greenery. It is the home of Ayurvedic treatment. So, you can relax and get Ayurvedic massage and spa treatments. It is an absolute destination to have a relaxed and refreshing holiday.

India has plenty to offer to its tourists. But these places just mentioned beats them all. You shouldn’t miss visiting these places on your next visit to India.

Don’t have a degree? Here are some skills that could help you find a job

Coffee is among one of the most wanted drinks around the world, and the number of people who enjoy this hot beverage, especially in the morning, is becoming bigger and bigger, day by day. Since the coffee won’t be prepared by itself, a person who makes the coffee lovers happy in the morning is a barista, and luckily, the number of baristas is likewise on the rise. Both in physical and online schools, there are many barista courses available, and many lessons for baristas that can be learned there. However, the most important lesson, like for any other career, is to learn how to love your job and be passionate about it.  If you are interested in why baristas have a passion for their career, and maybe you want to become one, here are the main 5 reasons why this job is so loved by the people who do it.


Before you decide that this is a career for you, the first thing that you need to know is that this job demands high concentration while working in a very fast working surrounding. You have to make drinks very quickly, but still follow the set standards and procedures. Being a barista is great for those who like to perform more tasks at the same time, and are known for getting it right every time, and the first time. We say this because every person is grumpy in the morning, some more, some less, but imagine what would you do if someone got you your first coffee with sugar, and you drink it without sugar. You get our point now, right?

baristaBaristas actually make a nice salary. The monthly salary paid by the place you work will not be that big, but you will make more than that just in tips. Add these two amounts together, and you will get a nice number. But, every beginning is hard. Even though most employers don’t ask that you have a certified diploma from some of the barista courses, having one, plus experience, will allow you to work in better-paid places, and get bigger tips.

As we just said, you don’t have to be a certified barista to work as one, but you do need a high school diploma or GED. Plenty of high schools students are really good as baristas, but they can only do this job during the Summer break since this job is mostly done in the morning. However, if you are not a student, this job would be an ideal part-time for you because it offers a flexible schedule for those who can work in the morning.

coffee-artAs a barista, you will be able to gain valuable experience in customer and food service. Furthermore, if you are planning on going into the restaurant business, this occupation is a perfect entry-level job. If you show great interest and passion when it comes to coffee and the procedure of making a perfect hot beverage, you can easily find yourself in a shift supervisor position, or even higher management positions.

If you are interested in becoming a barista, or you already are one, but you want to expand your knowledge and improve your skills, you can choose a barista course or barista lessons. Luckily for you, there are numerous one-day courses, as well as some serious and more advanced courses where you will learn how to make the perfect espresso, as well as other beverages that share the same b

The way I watch New Zealand Netflix in India on my Apple TV

So, traveling through India is actually great, except the fact that we may be a little far “from the road” when it comes to the bulk of internet content, but luckily for us, that is changing and, more and more content is being cached onshore.

I remember the days, not so long ago actually, when Netflix has been just a wish that just didn’t want to come true. But, those days are gone! Now, thanks to Apple TV, we can access all that Netflix has to offer. Apple TV Netflix offers a setup that allows you to have access to Netflix through it, using a remote DNS.

But, there always has to be a BUT, you won’t be able to access Netflix with any of your other devices except your TV. For example, you still won’t be able to watch movies on Netflix on your PC. Personally, I am not that disappointed with that because I love to use my TV to watch movies. This is good for someone who is not a tech wizard, because sometimes, there are unpredictable problems when all your devices are using the remote DNS.

Before you start: There is a part of the setup that requires you to actually “convince” your Apple TV that you are in the US. This is great when you want to watch movies or Netflix TV Shows, but does include a side effect. For example, you cannot use your NZ iTunes account from the Apple TV. Not an alarming thing for most peopleblockbusters on Netflix, however, if you watch movies bought through Apple iTunes, you will have to make a decision if Netflix is a worthy replacement.

Still interested in Netflix? Excellent! The first thing you need to do is to head on over to Unblock Us.

This is a service that which allows you to have access to the information you need (the remote DNS service). If you want to find out more about this, you can find information on the site, but trust me, it’s, if not the only way, then one of the best ways to go, so just go for it. They offer you a one week free trial period, and after that you will have to pay $4.99USD per month.

Have in mind that you have to change DNS as well as location settings, if you want your Apple TV to think it’s in the US. Once you got that setup, you should see and be able to connect to the Netflix application on your Apple TV.
If you don’t have a Netflix account, the Apple TV Netflix account will offer you to set one up when you try to connect to it.

Just go with the flow, it will explain it to you, and if you do get stuck (but trust me, you won’t) contact us, and we will write a text about that. If it asks you to enter a postcode for your US address, don’t panic, just be cool and use the famous 90210, and smile like a movie star, while you watch the latest Hollywood blockbusters! Enjoy!

If you are having trpuble connect with any Netflix service please make sure you call hotel help at Hillview and we can help you.

Four reasons why you should get holiday insurance

Holiday travel insurance is necessary to mitigate your financial risk. Many people find it hard to decide whether you should have a travel insurance or not. Travel insurance will financially protect you from any unforeseen events. So, it is wise to have a holiday travel insurance. Travel insurance protects you in the following situations:

Loss of deposits

Sometimes, you need to pay in full for a vacation rental or cruise. Most of these charges are non-refundable. In case you need to cancel your plans, you will lose a lot of money. If you have a trip cancellation insurance, it will give back the non-recoverable deposits when you cancel your trip.

Medical expenses

If you fall sick during your vacation, and if you are away from home then you might have to pay stiff medical costs. Even if you have a medical plan, some of them don’t work when you are outside your country. So, insurance can help you cover the expensive medical costs that you incur abroad.

Missing luggage

If you are unlucky and lose your luggage during travel, then you will fall in a very awkward situation. You have important stuff in your bags like clothes, documents, jewelry, etc. Travel insurance can cover these and save you from the immediate financial crisis.

Peace of mind

If you have a travel insurance, you can relax and enjoy the holiday. You know that in case anything goes wrong, you and your family will be covered. It gives you a peace of mind.

Now you can find travel insurances of various kinds. You can buy one that suits your needs and budget. But it’s important to get one before you start your vacation.